An entertaining movie, much like a good meal, is worth the price you pay. And even though a bad movie, unlike a bad meal, probably won’t give you the runs, paying $10 dollars to see it will make you feel like shit.



Production Budget: 20M

Worldwide Gross: 68.5M

I would like to thank the Boston Globe and the Hollywood Reporter for giving this movie a C. Without consistent, accurate, and well thought out reviewing like that, I would have never started reviewing movies in the first place. It’s because of blowhards like Stephen Farber (Hollywood Reporter), and Welsey Morris (Globe), that this blog exists. Gentlemen, if this is a C movie, my first girlfriend was a C cup, and that was in third grade… so not so much. If this movie is a C, than Stevie Wonder can SEE. If this movie is a C, than I give up, because I thought it was “elbow your neighbor” and “high five a total stranger” funny. It filled the theater with laughs, at times groans, but it filled the theater consistently with chatter. It has lovable-loser characters, moments of uncontrollable hilarity, the requisite level of emotional attachment, and the number one comedic element in recently successful comedies: The loser guys that just can’t get laid.

The basic storyline follows two best friends (Seth and Evan) graduating from high school and destined for different paths. With their impending separation, anxiety has set in, and the two are slowly gearing up to cut the cord and move on to college. The catch is that neither one wants to go off to college a virgin, so they have dedicated their summer to pulling as much tail as they can. Their efforts are both hilarious, authentic, and frankly, quite reminiscent of my blundering, female deprived, high school years. When the disastrous duo sets their sites on two girls who they then promise to buy alcohol for (to provide for one of the girl’s party), things really heat up.

This movie manages to capture much of the glory of the 40 Year Old Virgin, and escape most of the absolute cheese of Talladega Nights. It flows, and when it finally ends (after 1:54), you actually find yourself hoping for more. It feels much less like the marathon that Knocked Up was, and instead, follows the lead of the 40 Year Old Virgin, which although long in its own right, never felt too long.

The only weakness of this movie would probably lie in the rather typical plot line. The whole, “kids that can’t get laid, trying to get laid at a high school party thing”, has been done before. However, it has never been done so well, and Seth and Evan’s relentless pursuit of alcohol is something that every present and past college guy can attest to… especially when the procurement of that alcohol carries with it the potential affections of two beautiful girls.

If you are looking to be continuously entertained, and occasionally brought to the comedic edge, then see this movie. If you happen to partake in a certain ritualistic plant burning/breathing, the opening credits will certainly appeal to you with a retro Charlie’s Angels type dance. The movie doesn’t slow from there, and unless you subscribe to the Globe or Hollywood Reporter, I dare you to find somebody that didn’t like this movie. If you do find someone who didn’t like this movie, be weary, because they could have rabies, or simply be devoid of any sense of humor.

This is a fun movie about lovable losers, and if you don’t love losers, you shouldn’t be reading here.


Great - In The TheaterTo get the best bang for your buck, do yourself a favor and see this movie in the theatre. You’ll laugh, your neighbor will laugh, and maybe you’ll get a high five from a total stranger out of the experience.





  jcantin12 wrote @

A rather glowing review….interesting.

  jcanti71 wrote @

This movie is like the firts time a girl touches your wee-wee…. good.

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