An entertaining movie, much like a good meal, is worth the price you pay. And even though a bad movie, unlike a bad meal, probably won’t give you the runs, paying $10 dollars to see it will make you feel like shit.

Knocked Up

Production Budget: 30M

Worldwide Gross: 165.8M

Knocked Up can be summarized in two words: mindless fun. On numerous occasions, I found myself laughing pretty damn hard, at stuff that was pretty damn mindless. For this reason alone, though, I would consider Knocked Up successful in that it accomplishes what every comedy sets out to do: make us giggle and chuckle like a bunch of pre-pubescent school boys. A note of warning though: the tone and acting in which this movie is presented is pretty damn ridiculous. A point I will elucidate later in my review.

The basic premise behind Knocked Up is obvious from the preview. Alison Scott (played by Katerine Heigel) gets a big promotion at her news station. Upon hearing this, Alison’s sister takes her out to a local night club to celebrate. After several drinks, Alison becomes friendly with Ben Stone (played by Seth Rogen); a typical guy who goes to the bar with his buddies for one reason: sex. To Ben’s surprise, Alison – in her not so sober state – asks him to go back to her place, where as you can guess, she gets “knocked up.” The remainder of the movie pits Alison and Ben against each other as they desperately try to come together and make their relationship work for a baby they both agreed to have.

Right from the beginning, Knocked Up offers some quality laughs. Thankfully, none of the jokes come off as forced or awkward, unlike Chuck and Larry, which was uncomfortably embarrassing in almost every way. The humor is somewhat similar to The 40 Year-old Virgin, which is definitely not a bad thing. Of course, similarities can be expected considering Judd Apatow directed both movies. The only negative my brother and I have found with Judd Apatow is his tendency to create movies that are slightly long. A standard comedy should be no longer than 100 minutes, and no less than 80. The 40 Year-old Virgin was nearly two hours, while Knocked Up was over two hours. Though I was thoroughly entertained by both movies, they did have a tendency to lag slightly towards the end. Seen in a different light, it is also possible that I laughed so hard at the outset of each movie that I had little steam left near the end. Either way, a slightly shorter movie probably would have been appreciated.

One final quibble I had with Knocked Up…was its general absurdity. Perhaps Judd Apatow and his writers thought it impossible to create a funny film without ridiculous lines. Don’t get me wrong, the lines are funny and random, but they don’t come off as genuine or realistic, given the context. For instance, when Alison informed Ben that she was pregnant, his response, a rather vicious: “FUCK OFF!” Is this funny? Yes it is. Is this realistic? probably not. Perhaps some men would respond in this fashion, but most would not do so to a pregnant woman in the middle of public. Moreover, when Alison asks Ben what he does for work, he explains that he doesn’t need to work because he “got run over by a postal truck” when he was in high school and thus received a $14,000 settlement. This is fine and dandy, but things stop making sense when he explains that the incident was “ten years ago.” So he means to tell me that he has made a living off 14,000 for roughly ten years? Does this make any sense? no. Besides, given the amount of weed Ben smokes throughout the movie, I would say this is impossible. Small as these gripes may be, they popped into my head during the movie, and thus slightly detracted from my viewing experience.

Overall though, Knocked Up is a funny movie that is sure to please anyone who takes a gander – especially those pot heads out there.

For the best bang for you buck: Rent the movie as a new release DVD. Oh, and ummm, watch under the infuence of sweet nectar if at all possible.



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