An entertaining movie, much like a good meal, is worth the price you pay. And even though a bad movie, unlike a bad meal, probably won’t give you the runs, paying $10 dollars to see it will make you feel like shit.

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Production Budget: 20M

Worldwide Gross: 91.7M

(Movie Spoiler – if you wanna call it that with this movie.)

Since Disturbia came out in theaters, I wanted to see it. I actually planned on several occasions to go, but despite my better efforts, it just never happened (I guess I was actually busy or something; I know, shocking). When I finally did pick up a copy of the DVD yesterday at work, I waited all night until my shift was over so I could finally see what all the hype was about. After all, I had heard on numerous occasions that Disturbia was “good.” When I got home I wasted little time, throwing the DVD into my 360, eagerly anticipating thrills that, unfortunately – and even strangely – never came. Read the rest of this entry »