An entertaining movie, much like a good meal, is worth the price you pay. And even though a bad movie, unlike a bad meal, probably won’t give you the runs, paying $10 dollars to see it will make you feel like shit.

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Production budget: $20m

Worldwide Gross: $74.5m

At times this film confuses itself with a good movie. Then, without warning, it comes crashing back to Earth with stretches that fall desperately short of the mark. Essentially, the plot follows Linda Hanson (Bullock), as her world falls apart around her. The movie begins with Linda waking up to her normal routine. An empty bed devoid of her husband, two daughters who need to go to school, and the mundane tasks of a house wife, really spark the viewers’ interest. (Ah, the glorious life of the unemployed, how I again yearn for thee.) However, the busy day of Home Depot runs and dry cleaning pickups takes a serious turn for the worse when Bullock is visited by a local police officer. The officer gives her the crushing news of her husband’s death. This scene is one of the few Read the rest of this entry »