An entertaining movie, much like a good meal, is worth the price you pay. And even though a bad movie, unlike a bad meal, probably won’t give you the runs, paying $10 dollars to see it will make you feel like shit.

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Production Budget: N/A

Worldwide Gross: $31.3M

Most movies define themselves in the opening minutes and never look back. The typical horror introduces itself with at least one tone setting sacrificial slaying. Comedies often commence with a humorous montage set to obnoxiously upbeat music. This movie is unique in that it immediately defines itself, and then at least three additional times throughout the course of the movie, recreates itself into something new, before returning to its underlying purpose. The transitions are not forced nor awkward, but instead individually add something unique to the story while pulling any potentially wandering attention spans back into the movie.

The story, simply put, is about a crew of eight astronauts of diverse skill sets, assembled to embark on the second of two attempts to restart the Earth’s dying sun. The first attempt was unsuccessful, and that crew and ship have since lost contact with Earth. The plan, probably the weakest element of the film, is to use a unique space craft with more amenities than an overpriced time share condo, to deliver a “Pay Load” to the sun. Theoretically, this non descript payload will rekindle the dying star, thus saving all man kind from New England winters…I mean immediate death.

The acting and directing in the film are top notch, which is to be expected from director Dennis Boyle, who also brought Train Spotting and 28 Days Later to the big screen. The characters are all extremely diverse, and the viewer gets an immediate glimpse into each person’s role in the mission. The script does an excellent job of diversifying the characters to prevent the movie from turning campy, like Armageddon and The Core did at times. (ie. This is not a ship of eight heroic boy scouts) The movie strikes an excellent balance between action, dark horror, thriller, and artistic imagery. It is extremely pleasing on the eyes, and while it does not overburden the viewer with special effects, the well placed special effects it does embark upon were done realistically, beautifully, and with great artistic style.

The drawback of the movie is in the details. With all of the great transitions the movie makes, it seems like an awful lot happened in an hour and forty eight minutes. As such, some explanation and detail has to be filled in by the viewer. The viewer has to make an overt decision to just accept these lapses for what they are, and not let them detract from the many strong points of the film. This is not to say that the omission of some details is fatal to the film, but instead it is simply realistic to predict that a large number of people that see this movie will experience the same somewhat distracting unanswered questions.

Good - DVD New ReleaseRecommendation: To make this movie worth your buck, Rent the DVD as a new release.