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The Bourne Ultimatum


Production Budget: $110M

Worldwide Gross: $218.6M

Welcome to man movie bliss. If you have testicles, you will agree, this movie has it all. From the outset, this cat and mouse thriller sets the tone with Jason Bourne again on the run. With amazing hand to hand combat scenes, breath taking settings, and stunning car chases, this movie grabs you by the neck for two hours, and when it releases you, you beg for the ringer again. Matt Damon is again excellent as Bourne, and the supporting cast is perfectly assembled to do what they do, support.

The CIA is painted again as the bad guy as they try to eliminate Bourne, the primary threat to expose their highly confidential assassination program. However, as the fact that there even is a third film demonstrates, killing Jason Bourne is no easy task. The movie essentially follows Bourne as he tries to recoup and put together his past. When he finally does, the film picks up steam and boils over with action scenes that amaze. It is simply astonishing that this movie, after all the action films before it, manages to reinvent fights scenes, add new elements to action, and generally keep an overdone genre fresh and exciting. The usage of props in fights is well done, original, and unlike a Jackie Chan flick for instance, totally believable and within the flow of the action.

It is really a stretch for me to find anything negative to say about this film. Everything it sets out to do, it does effectively. That being said, there are limitations in the film. This is the third installment, so the characters are somewhat flushed out. As such, unless you are big into suspenseful action, this movie has little else to offer. The only other negative in my experience viewing this film was the obnoxious middle aged couple seated behind me that wouldn’t shut their mouths the whole film. To them: If, on August 4th, 2007, at 10:30 PM, at Showtime Cinemas in Woburn, MA, you saw this film, and you are fairly old, really loud, and totally misunderstood the point of the movie, I have a beat down reserved for you. That being said, this movie has very few weaknesses, and does everything it sets out to do with excellence and authenticity.

Do yourself a favor men, buy the lady a few cocktails, tell her you’re taking her to see Hairspray, and bring her to Bourne instead. She’ll pass out, and you’ll have a two hour journey to testosterone city. What a great ride.

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